Empower Hour: 

This educational and empowering program was created to ensure survivors of human trafficking are provided an approach to transition into society and help reduce unhealthy lifestyle choices. Survivors are provided with support and aid through an effective, equitable, and sustainable program. 

Additionally, through education to the community, The Blessing Bags Project was established to provide necessary living items to survivors. Blessing Bags Project is coming up on the second year of operation and we hope to reach over 250 bags to beat 2018's final count.

Let's Talk About It:

Let's Talk About is our community educational program to start the conversation about human trafficking and exploitation.

Through the use of social media, facilitated discussions, and group activities we strive to create a dialogue that can be used at the dinner table, among peers, and in the work place. 

If you are interested in bringing the conversation about trafficking and exploitation to your community, contact us today!

2019 | Invisible Innocence