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Invisible Innocence Council Published to United Way Volunteer Center

Who We Are

Invisible Innocence was founded in 2016 to help victims and survivors of human trafficking. This nonprofit organization was established to assist survivors by creating a capacity to provide survivor-informed/trauma-led systematic support.

Invisible Innocence has a board of directors comprised of diverse community members who are committed to addressing the needs of human trafficking survivors in ND through grassroots projects, such as education, counseling, and business.

Along with the board, Invisible Innocence has a number of advisers who bring different perspectives to the organization.

What We Do

Invisible Innocence supports the needs of those impacted by human trafficking and traumatic experiences; while strengthening ND communities through two educational programs; Let's Talk About It and Empower Hour. 

Let's Talk About It is Invisible Innocence’s community educational program to start the conversation about human trafficking. This is through the use of social media and facilitated round table discussions. Through this program, we create a dialogue that can be used at the dinner table, among peers, and in the workplace.

Empower Hour is a thirty-six-week long program, divided into 12-week segments. This educational and empowering program to ensure survivors of human trafficking and others who have been impacted by trauma and traumatic experiences are provided with an effective, equitable, and sustainable programming approach to support a successful transition into society and reduce the likelihood of re-entry into unhealthy lifestyles.


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