2019 | Invisible Innocence


As a 501(c)3, your donations are non-taxed and go directly to aiding survivors of sex trafficking as well as supporting our programs to create awareness in the community. 

To date, with your help, we've raised $58,699.34 since the establishment of Invisible Innocence.


With these funds: 635 professionals have been trained to identify and respond to red-flag indicators of human trafficking; 323 Blessing Bags were provided to individuals in exploited situations or at risk of being exploited; 8,341 statewide community members engaged in Let's Talk About: Social Media Campaign, launched in 2018; 6 survivors are ongoing active members of the Empower Hour program, launched in May 2019.​

EVERY donation matters.

Donations can also be mailed or dropped off at: 
Invisible Innocence Council, 121 E Century Ave, Bismarck, ND 58503