Human trafficking is the exploitation of an individual through force, fraud, or coercion for labor or commercial sex trafficking. Invisible Innocence promotes healthy conversations regarding human trafficking, while facilitating residential needs for survivors. Additionally, one of our top priorities is to ensure there is a proper support system for survivors of human trafficking. 

How It All Started

Invisible Innocence was founded by Brandi Jude, an Operations Iraqi Freedom veteran and was created to support the needs of survivors of exploitation; while increasing the awareness about human trafficking throughout ND.

While serving abroad, Brandi witnessed various forms of labor and sex trafficking within the most vulnerable populations. Trauma across the context of military veterans and survivors has many shared characteristics.

Brandi's own experiences with volatile security and safety issues in Iraq led to understanding, firsthand, how trauma changes the way people view themselves and difficult transitions lead toward uncertainties in lifestyle choices. 

Invisible Innocence works to adapt to a variety of social settings to encourage survivors and communities to become proactive in standing against the traumatic impacts of the exploitation. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the needs of survivors of human trafficking while strengthening communities through our educational programs

Our Goals

  1. Educate the communities in North Dakota about human trafficking while creating an atmosphere that motivates action. 

  2. Through our purposeful interactions with people and working collaboratively with others, we strive to develop an outreach in communities to help end human trafficking and exploitation. 

  3. While responding respectfully, we aim to offer each survivor hope and a home.

Our Team

Stacy Hall chose to help Invisible Innocence because he believes there is an opportunity to fulfill a mission that has not been addressed in our region. Stacy enjoys helping survivors establish a support network through long term support that they may need.

Stacy is an executive at a financial institution where this allows him to share experiences that allows for continuity of operations within the organization. Stacy serves as the treasurer and focuses on helping the organization through budgeting, strategic planning, and defining the vision. He strives to continue to support Invisible Innocence through the growth and support within the community and into the future.

Brandi Schmidt serves in a role to help enhance the public image of Invisible Innocence. Through her skills she has gained through the military, serving as a mass communications public affairs person, she brings a unique skill set to the board through social media engagement, website enhancement, and marketing efforts. Brandi is a licensed counselor in addiction and mental health. She works for a local private practice that focuses on trauma informed care. She serves a variety of populations, including survivors of sex trafficking, where she strives to empower her clients through their traumas.

Jenise Wilson serves as the board president. She believes human trafficking goes unnoticed and is not discussed… in our community and world. She is a professor at a local university in the behavioral health profession and enjoys bringing awareness to her students and the community about human trafficking issues. Through her career as a licensed counselor, she empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves and grow through what they survived. She enjoys volunteering and helping persons in the community by encouraging those to be the change they desire to see in the world.

Sandy Thompson has made a lifelong career of serving others through her career as an addition counselor and family recovery coach. Sandy also volunteers as an advocate for those who have survived violence. She has a passion for mentoring others who are seeking to be awesome leaders. Sandy is also an adjunct instructor at a local university teaching courses to graduate students who are seeking a profession in behavioral health. Sandy is the founder and CEO of Path to Pono and provides family recovery coaching and leadership development services. Empowering others is Sandy's favorite thing to do!

Lynsey Diehl finds value in empowering members of the community through education and support. She has used this passion to plan and organize various events for Invisible Innocence. She is a licensed mental health counselor and practices at a local agency. She works with predominately with children and adolescents. She believes her profession has had a direct impact in creating specific programs for Invisible Innocence. She is the creator of our survivor program, Empower Hour. 

Joshua Haaland strives to create relationships among the community through his professional developmental skills. He works as a business developer and designs equipment for oil and gas companies. Through his profession, he's been able to better understand the specifis to labor trafficking. He also brings social engagement opportunities to the organization, develops fundraising opportunities, and invests in strategic planning. Joshua uses his social and business network to raise awareness toward trafficking.

Want to join our cause? Contact us today or fill out a Time & Talent form and email to info@invisibleinnocence.org!

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